Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000pc

SKU: RB15018-2
Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000pc
Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000pc

Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000pc

SKU: RB15018-2
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Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000-Piece Puzzle lets your child enter the magical and calm world of the fastest-growing deers!

Introducing to your children the different animals and species that make up the world around them and helps them to understand and develop a sense of compassion, love, and care for the environment. Step into a magical world of deers as your child completes these puzzle pieces that can show two magical deers in a forest.

Assemble this 1000-piece puzzle set and be amused with the magical deer that holds butterflies, birds, branches, leaves, and flowers in their antlers. This puzzle set is a playful, romantic, and on-trend jigsaw puzzle that your children and family can enjoy and add to game night and playtime!

This puzzle activity set offers high-quality 1000-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzles and vibrant illustrations that your children would love to play with their hands and eyes.


  • Magical Deer 1000-Piece Puzzle by Ravensburger includes:
    • Strong premium grade cardboard
    • Linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image
    • 1000-pieces
    • Well-crafted illustrations
  • Move, pick up, and match puzzle pieces together.
  • This product measures: 69cm x 49cm x 1cm
  • Suitable for children ages 12 years old and above

Spark conversations with your children as you assist them in assembling these puzzle pieces. Exercise your child's finger strength as they move and match puzzle pieces in this Ravensburger Magical Deer 1000-Piece Puzzle. 

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