NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest

NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest
NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest

NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest

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Quiet, increased accuracy, fast, east set-up, capture brushes hold arrows in perfect alignment at any angle, even upside down or when windy, wet and freezing, without ripping vanes-total fletch clearance

Now you can load an arrow and virtually forget about it.

The three arms fully capture your arrow, provide a silent draw, a quieter shot and give you unsurpassed, flawless total fletching clearance without ripping or shredding vanes.

The 360 degree CaptureRest will have you ready to shoot in no time.

It secures arrows in perfect alignment at any angle for incredible accuracy, even in wet and freezing conditions.

The brushes on a CaptureRest hold your arrow at any angle - even upside down. Arrow must be shot with the cock fletch up.

The wind will not disturb your arrow as it rests securely on the 360 Capture arrow rest.

All QuikTune arrow rests have hardened steel shafts and vibration resistant Nylok patched screws with Teflon coated stainless steel arms - load it and forget it.

No vane contact means no loss of speed and no drag.

Available in right hand only.

New Archery Products or NAP QuikTune 360 CaptureRest

  • Holds arrow securely at any angle, even upside down
  • Three arms fully capture your arrow
  • Silent draw and flawless fletching clearance
  • Fits all carbon & aluminium arrows
  • No warping, shredding or damage to vanes
  • Works perfectly in wet and freezing conditions
  • Won't damage fletching
  • Perfect for stalking or use in a tree stand
  • Fast and easy set-up and adjustment - one wrench makes all adjustments
  • Replacement kit of 2 brushes and 1 platform is available and can be purchased separately

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