About Claytons Country Western and Hunting


 Claytons Western is a small family owned and run business. We pride ourselves in personal service and thank all our customers for helping support our family.

Our business is run by myself Heather and my husband Lucas and it all started after the birth of our first son Jack. After discovering the challenge of finding and purchasing western/rodeo clothing and acessories for kids we discovered a need/market. Having been raised in rural setting we both have backgrounds in farming/horses/rodeo so decided to turn our pashions into a job and finally officially opened the business in July 2014. Then with 2 children (our princess Kate growing the fmaily to 4) and another on the way we started small with a mobile trailer to attend local rodeos and our first website for online sales. Now 2.5 years on (were blessed with 2 more daughters Jade and Lyla) we continue to follow the rodeo and have begun plans for a shopfront at our home in Georges Plains with the launch of this website to hopefull organise our busiess a little better so i can return to not only being a full time mum but offer our customers better service.

So we thank you for your patience as we grow our business and juggle family life. Occasionly our family needs come first, a full time mum of 4 and a business i just love keeps me very busy and there is never enough hours in the day but we enjoy every minute of it and hope our recent changes will only improve our level of customer service.

We also hope you all take pride in knowing that when you support our Australian family business your helping us to pay for ballet and swimming lessons and put food on the table for our family, so we thank you for shopping locally.

To all of you, from all of us at Claytons Western - Thank you and Happy Shopping !

Heather & Lucas Clayton